Friday, March 5, 2010

Fighting the Flu

I am often ask if I only work digitally. For the past 10 years, the answer is yes. But before I went all digital, I liked working in gouache and Dr. Martins Dyes with color pencil over top of the paint. This piece I did was for Central PA Magazine used that technique. It was for an article on steps to fighting the flu. The art director gave me all kinds of artistic freedoms with it (an extremely rare occurrence). The magazine liked it so much that it was used as a full page illustration which equals a larger pay check. I had this piece hanging in my studio in Lancaster for the longest time but gave it to a close friend who really liked it. Hopefully it is hanging somewhere in his house instead of lining a bird cage. LOL!

I would like to do a couple of traditional pieces just to see if I can still do them. Using not one thing that is digital. Just paper, pencil, watercolor paper, dyes and gouache. I love the creaminess of the gouache. When you add some Dr. Martins to the paint, the color just jumps at you. I think I was one of the few in art school who enjoyed gouache. Most of my illustrator and designer friends think I am nuts. Hard to argue with that.

My jaunt into learning Painter has been on the back burner due to projects. I really want to get a handle on that program and try to develop a second style. Hell, maybe I should just go back to using the traditional tools. I do miss it. I still draw with pencil and paper even though I tried sketching digitally. It was cool and fun but I like the feeling of a pencil in my hand and the graphite on my fingers.

Anyway, enough rambling this week. Have a good weekend and keep drawing!

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