Friday, March 26, 2010

A somber Friday

Hello eveyone,

Well another Friday has arrived here in Maine. A much colder Friday than the previous few but I guess we were due for a break in the warm weather. Wait, it is March. We aren't suppose to have warm weather just yet!!! What the hell!!!

I am not going to post any new or old pieces today. Just not in the mood. Went to a show last evening with some friends in Unity to see a couple of Cape Breton fiddle players. Great show by the way. On the way home, I hit a dog. Needless to say it did not survive. We tried to find the owners (do you really own another living thing?) but no one in the area had a dog that matched him or her. It really just breaks your heart when an innocent life is taken. Hell, any life really. But there could not be "life" without "death". Things like this makes you stop the merry go-round that one is on for a brief moment to be thankful.

Anyway, I will be in a much happier state next week.

Keep drawing!


Hazel Mitchell said...

Needless to say your post brought some tears to my eyes.

I have been hugging the dogs all day.

Let's get together and do some sketching out of doors next week :-)

Russ Cox said...

Sounds good to me.

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