Friday, April 9, 2010

Lost but found

While going through a folder of sketches, doodles, and ideas, I found this rough sketch of a Basset Hound. I have no idea when or why it was drawn but I really like it. I think I am going to work it up into final art at some point. He/she does need some sort of environment around them to help explain whey he/she is so sad. Any thoughts?

I am still working on the Roscoe caricature but a series of rush jobs now have my attention. Gotta pay those bills. Hopefully at some point next week I can bet back to working on him and see where it goes. I really need to get some animation samples on my website next week as well. As one knows, being a freelancer is 30% working on projects and 70% promotion.

Speaking of websites, I think it is soon time for my site to get a face lift. I do have some thoughts on the next phase/design. It will be more colorful and tie in with this blog and Facebook page.

Well, I need to get back to work. It is going to be a work filled weekend which is okay. Not complaining because I am glad to have the projects in here.

Take care and keep on drawing!


Loni Edwards said...

Hi Russ! Thank you for following my blog. I will do the same. I think this little guy looks exactly how my dog does when I go somewhere and he can't. He gets so sad, it just breaks your heart!

Francisco Martins said...

Hehe, so sweet! :) love his expression!

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