Friday, April 16, 2010

The Urge To Draw

After a couple of weeks of working on various kids related projects, I got the urge to sketch last night. As soon as I put the pencil to paper (yes, I still draw traditionally), women started to appear on the paper. I guess you can only draw so many kids before you need a brief break from the subject matter.

The girl on the left is something I am going to work up into some pinup pose. Yes, I love pinup art and have collected a few books on the subject. I think she would look really good done graphically with a background enclosed in an organic shape. I will put some tracing paper over her and work out the hands and feet. The bottom right sketch is based on a "geeky" girl and will work out her body posture/position and clothing.

It seems as of late that I have gotten back into just drawing and sketching which has been a joy. You can get wrapped up in projects and forget to do some things just for yourself. It keeps you fresh and invigorated plus just improves your drawing skills. I have not forgotten about the caricatures and will get back to those soon. Painter here I come!

Before I sign off for the week, I FINALLY added some animations to my website ( Most of them were done for American Greetings who added their own background music after the animations were delivered. There are a few Flash intros and a long piece that was completed for a party invitation. I do have a couple of ideas for new pieces but I want to wait for Flash CS5 to come out next month. It has some new features that will take some time to play around with and a couple of new drawing brushes.

That is all for this week and remember to keep on drawing!


D. M. C. Eleven said...

Mmmmm... women in glasses...

Design Girl said...

Great work! I found your blog on linked in. please feel free to follow me as well!
Happy drawing! :)

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