Friday, May 7, 2010

Admiring From Afar

I was thinking today on what should I post for this week. At first I was going to show some new promo sketches that I am working on. Plus it was suggested to me to post my technique on how I do my final artwork. That is a good idea. BUT for this week, I want to share the illustrators and artist who have had a big impact on my artwork. You will probably see the influence from some of them but not from others. Some of the artist I just like their work. I will try to write a brief blurb on each of them but some of these talented people no introduction from me. This is in no particular order.

The first artist is Bill Mayer. He is a Atlanta based illustrator who has been around for a long time and is very well known in the illustration community. He probably has had the biggest influence on me. I love his use of colors and how he exaggerates his characters. Bill has a couple of different styles but his airbrushed zany characters is the style I love the most.

The next artist is Gerry Gersten. One of my art school instructors introduced him to me. At that time, I was really into caricatures and doing quite a few in school. After seeing Gerry's work, I knew there was another level of quality and craftsmanship. He actually does not use pen and ink for most of his drawings. He works with pencil and has a high contrast stat (now it would be done in Photoshop) that turns the pencil into a pen & ink look.

Warner Brothers cartoons occupied my Saturday mornings for many years and I watch them just as much now (to my wife's amazement). Bob Clampett, Tex Avery, Robert McKimson, Chuck Jones, and the rest of the crew at WB inspired me to draw, laugh, and push the boundaries. They also provided me an interest in animation. Daffy Duck is my all-time favorite cartoon character.

Speaking of animation, how could one forget about Ren & Stimpy. John K(ricfalusi) really pushed the limits with that cartoon. The bizarre stories blurred the lines between adult and children's cartoons. But his character and scene designs is what attracted me to the show. A cross between retro and contemporary in the look and feel.

Shane Glines is a character designer that has done work on the more modern version of the Batman cartoons as well as Ren & Stimpy. He is also known for his for modern pinup style and how achieve his illustrations in a very graphic way. He has a booked called S Curve which features his sketches and final illustrations. A must have for animators and illustrators

I really love the paintings of John Singer Sargent. Every time I see his work in gallery, I am just mesmerized and could spend the day just viewing his paintings. A master of drawing and painting.

Salvador Dali. Just look at the prints on our walls.

Bill Watterson is the creator of the greatest comic strip ever, Calvin and Hobbes. I don't think I met anyone who does not love that comic. Watterson is a master draftsman and story teller. Comics have not been the same since Calvin and Hobbes exited.

Illustrator and character design Peter de Seve is well known for his work on A Bug's Life, Finding Nemo, Robots, and Ice Age. He has worked on covers for numerous magazines including Time. I have his sketch book which actually got me back to doodling in my own book.

There are many others who I admire and am constantly finding new artist who are brilliant at what they do. I think as artist we need to constantly look not only for inspiration from our environment and life, but from other artist.

Chat with you next week.
Keep on drawing!


Hazel Mitchell said...

Thanks for that Russ ... introduced me to a couple I did not know.

I love John Singer Sargent too ....


Russ Cox said...

You are welcome. Sargent was such a masterful painter.

Rebekah Joy Plett said...

Oh goodness, my naps are more than 15 minutes. They are usually about 2 hours. This is why I have to be very stringent about when I have them.

How is your blogging going since all the great input from the Illustration Islanders?

Russ Cox said...

Hahaha! If I sleep more than 30 minutes, I am worthless the rest of the day.

My blog has increased by 20 people since my posting which is great. Thanks for the suggestions. I am going to post a giveaway tomorrow so stay tuned!

Get Your Sketch said...

Thanks Russ.. cool to see all those great artists in one place.

I think If doesn't love Sargent, they don't really care for art. :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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