Friday, July 23, 2010

Where did the week go?

This has been one crazy week for me. I cannot remember the last time I was this busy with projects. It seems as if a new one is coming in on a daily basis. I am not complaining. A lot of people in the industry cannot find a job or project so I am very grateful. The projects are ranging from web design to animation to logos to cd artwork to illustrations.

I just finished up a cd project for a Pennsylvania based musician named Jeremy dePrisco. We have worked together before. He wanted a different look for the artwork this time around. We discussed a "steampunk" look but that was not really working the way we envisioned. I played around with some old engravings and that lead to a completely different look and feel. Combining the engravings with textures, photos and type really captured what he is trying to do with this album. He was quite pleased with the results and the disc is being manufactured now.

This weekend I am heading up to Orono for a "figure drawing with oil paint" workshop. I haven't worked traditionally in years. This should be interesting. I hope I remember how to paint with oils. We are working with a model so that will be nice to do quick studies. I may post some of the pieces if they are presentable.

Pittsfield is having its "Egg Festival" this weekend but I will miss it. It is such a charming festival with that Americana feel that seems to be missing in most of the country. I watched the parade from our house last year and loved it.

Speaking of Pittsfield, I joined the historical society here. They found out that I am an artist so they are planning a bunch of things for me to do. It will help me learn more about our lovely little town plus contribute in some way while doing so. They are a very nice group of people.

Well that is it for me this week. Like everyone else, I am a bit worn out. Must rest up for tomorrow so I leave you with this quote:

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Queenie said...

hope you are having a ball in oil...

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