Friday, September 10, 2010

Another Friday Has Arrived

Well another Friday has arrived which has left me wondering, "Where did the week go?" I am busy finishing up various projects which means at least one day this weekend will be a working one.

The above image is from a cover of a book I designed for Nancy Williams, a writer in California. This was a bit different for me since I mostly do kid's illustrations, animations or logos. I got to design and layout the complete book which also included some information graphics. Nancy was wonderful to work with on the project. This is the first book out of a series of four.

The cow icon is a character design I did for Ford New Holland at the beginning of summer. Little did I know that they make the cow into an inflatable mascot. They use the mascot at various events and farm shows. I thought it was pretty cool to see something you did as an actual physical piece.

Some other interesting news is that the sketch of Roscoe Holcomb I did a few months ago was seem by someone on Facebook who knows his family. He asked if he could show the sketch to Roscoe's daughter which of course I said "yes". Roscoe's daughter was flattered that someone wanted to do a piece of art of her father and LOVED the sketch. Now I am inspired to do the final art. I hope to do this on a large scale and traditional (pen & ink and watercolor).

My wife, our friends Hazel and Holly, and myself worked the "Welcome Table" here in Pittsfield this morning. The "Welcome Table" feeds elderly people and the less fortunate in the area. It was our first time doing this but we had a great time. We cooked baked ziti, bread, fresh green salad, and apple pie. We are a bit worn out so I will end this week with the following quote:
"Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures." Henry Ward Beecher

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