Saturday, September 4, 2010


Finally some relief after a week of hot, steamy weather! Earl was welcomed up here in Maine. I almost did not post something for this week because of just being worm out from the heat and lack of sleep.

I was going through some older pieces and came across these two pieces that are a departure from my normal style. With these two illustrations, I did away with the outlines and used shapes to form the imagery. I really enjoy this look because it really has that retro feel to it. It also makes you simplify your composition but allowing the color and shapes to shine through. I would like to do more in this style.
I stumbled across this sketch I did a few years ago and thought it was very amusing. I am not sure who it was done for but the I liked it and thought I would share. With some work, it might make a nice spot for a magazine article.
A couple of new logos came in this week including one for an Autistic website. Cannot show you anything at the moment but as you do research on subject so you can design and/or illustrate the subject matter, you really learn lots of new things. As artist, we should always be reading and observing just as much as sketching. It keeps the mind sharp and the creative juices flowing.

It is soon time for a website redesign. My existing one is almost two years old. I have been thinking about incorporating my blog into the site. Has anyone done this and have any insight that they are willing to share? You know the pros and cons of joining the two. I definitely need some fresh animations to add to the new design. I just storyboarded a 2 minute clip for a song from a band I was in a few years ago. It is a matter of finding the time.

My other thinking of late has been to search out an agent at the first of the year. I have been compiling a list during these last two months so I need a fresh promo piece, a new site, news samples with several new animated clips, AND it would nice to have my book written and illustrated. Progress is being made in that department as well. I figure even if I had it set up as an ebook, that would be impressive and offer a new skill set. I prefer a real book but you must keep current as much as possible. But one can only do so much during the course of the day.

I leave you with this wonderful quote:
"Dreams are illustrations ...from the book your soul is writing about you" ~ Marsha Norman

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