Friday, October 29, 2010

All Hallow's Eve

There is so much to chat about this week that I do not know where to begin. I think the first thing to do is make a few announcements. I FINALLY broke down and created a Twitter account. You can follow me @smilingotis. I hope to link up the blog and Facebook pages with it so things work together. You may get a bunch of repeat postings until the bugs are worked out so I apologize in advance should that happen. I also joined up with a talented group of children's illustrators to create a new blog called Pixel Shavings ( Please take a moment to follow us there as we are just getting this off the ground. The artwork on the site will be based in the children's market but it will give you a chance to see some other creatives in the field.
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Like last week, I began sketching up some ideas for new promo pieces. This sketch I call "The Tea Party" with a glutton monster eating all of the cupcakes while the others are not thrilled with his manners. I need to workout the background elements to give it more depth and frame the action. Last night, I showed this sketch, along with several others, to a critique group, The Revisioners, that I joined. They had some interesting feedback. Many of them loved how I sketch and thought I should try to develop a second style based on looseness of the sketches. I am torn between attempting to work traditionally or doing a better sketch (but still loose) and working on it in Painter. Clients love the ease of a digital file but the group got me to thinking, "am I missing a golden opportunity to show another side of my illustrations?". This is not the first time I was told this. My buddy Hazel ( suggested this to me months ago. Any thoughts from you?

The Roscoe Holcomb sketch I posted months ago has apparently been seen by his family. I just had his great niece contact me about it. She and the family love the sketch and were very honored that someone would do a drawing of Roscoe. Now I am inspired to find the time to do the final artwork. If you do not know of Roscoe's music, check out this YouTube clip:

Projects are continuing to come in. I am blown away on how busy I have been this year. My gratitude goes out to the folks that hire me to work on their projects. I think we have a great time working together. Oh, the History Channel project did not happen but I was thrilled they called. Hopefully the project will happen down the road.

My current reading list is mostly art related even though I am in the midst of Anthony Bourdain's Medium Raw. I am almost finished with the book on Alla Prima painting and learned a ton. A must read for anyone wanting to paint. This week I purchased a book on drawing the figure so I can improve that part of my artwork as well. Also a book on Adobe's Flash Catalyst so I can rework my website for the first of the year.

Speaking of figure drawings, I will be moving my 20 minute sketches that I do on Friday's to a separate blog with a few other artist. I need to get that setup this weekend.

Well, I am typed out, so I will leave you with this:
"Drawing never dies, it holds on by the skin of its teeth, because the hunger it satisfies.. the desire for an active, investigative, manually vivid relation with the things we see and yearn to know about.. is apparently immortal."
Robert Hughes

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