Friday, November 5, 2010

The Lead Continues To Fly

This week has been a mix of paying projects and working on some new pieces for myself. I just picked up a new project from AAA which will involve some spot illustrations and a game design with illustrations. They will be programming the game but it will be fun to help them put together the elements. The game will be used in-house for training purposes.

© 2010 Smiling Otis Studio

I started sketching out some new illustrations so put into my portfolio for the SCWBI conference. The above sketch is a play on monsters under the bed with the kids being the little monsters. I am going to put a title on the book with something like Brats Go Bump In The Night. I like putting a twist to things and adding little detail elements to help with the concept.

© 2010 Smiling Otis Studio

After reviewing the girl and robot sketch, I thought it was a little flat and needed more dynamics. I changed the viewpoint so the robot looks larger and pulls the eye towards the girl. The outer edge will be organic with the flowers crating the border. I may enlarge the robot a tad more. It has been a while but I may attempt to do this one with dyes and gouache. I am feeling daring this week!
© 2010 Smiling Otis Studio

© 2010 Smiling Otis Studio

Another thing I want to work on is to make my digital work more illustrative and less commercial. Illustrator has a ton of new features that I began testing. I want to retain the looseness and energy of my sketches. The "Paint Inside" feature is wonderful and saves a ton of time. Plus the new brushes allow you to apply color in a painterly way. I may try a second sample this weekend by taking the sketch into Painter and applying color. I will post the results.

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I got a new banjo so I am outta here to drive my wife crazy!

"Where the spirit does not work with the hand thee is not art" Leonardo da Vinci


Hazel Mitchell said...

The new angle on the robot sketch is AWESOME!

Russ Cox said...

Thanks WB!

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