Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

It has been quite a year here in the merry land of Otis. Lots of fun projects, wonderful people to work along side, learned some new things, improved on the old, just a remarkable year. No complaints. I am very grateful to those who hired me for their projects. Many people in the industry struggled or had to find other things to do for employment. I hope 2011 is equally as prosperous and energizing not just for me, but for all of you as well.

©2010 Russ Cox/Smiling Otis Studio

I have finally finished up a new promo piece and have three others started. I am excited on how the "Tea Party" turned out. I incorporated some things that I learned with the "Space ship" piece while maintaining my style or look. Doing away with the outlines, gives the illustration more life and movement. The colors really pop. This illustration has more of a retro look and feel to it. I did a version with a textured that was over top of the entire image but most people liked it without since the colors are more vibrant. I hope to get two of the other three completed this coming week.

This past week I quoted on a children's book with another book coming in for a quote shortly afterwards. I did not get the first book which is disappointing. The story and concept was really clever. It would have been a lot of fun to work on but their budget was really small. Maybe next time. Still waiting on whether the second book is a go or not. Fingers are crossed.

With the coming new year, I am teaming up with a couple of other creatives to start a licensing company. We plan on building a database of images to lease. One of the partners has major connections within the food franchise market. Plus he is a marketing wiz. We are looking forward getting this going since we have been talking about it for year.

I leave you with this quote. Have a wonderful New Year!

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