Monday, December 6, 2010

Let it snow

Today has been a beautiful day here in Maine. The snow has been falling all day and really has put me in the holiday spirit. This may be my favorite time of the year. My wife and I sent out some Christmas packages to a unit of soldiers stationed in Afghanistan over the weekend. We hope they arrive in time and spread a bit of holiday cheer.

Several projects are moving along but I cannot post anything from them at the moment. Maybe in a month or so I can post something. I am still working on my promo pieces. I think I have shown all of sketches to date and have only completed one piece which I am thinking about redoing. In between projects, I am trying to get some feedback on whether my work is right for the book market. So many different opinions on the matter that I will continue doing things in my digital style until I can talk to some directly on the matter.
The above samples are a couple of older pieces that I recently found. The first one was a magazine spot illustration for an article on goats. I cannot remember the details but I guess it has to do with bathing them. The sketch was done for a client putting together a website on school kids. Again, I am hazy on the details but I like the drawing. I figured I would post something instead of having just copy.

I hope to be back on track Friday but with the holidays and busy schedule, one can only do so much.Have a lovely week.

"I decided to be more brave about what was coming out. I used to draw that stuff in secret and throw it away. Flush it down the toilet. I wanted to see what the readership could take." ~ Robert Crumb

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Anonymous said...

Nice post, kind of drawn out though. Really good subject matter though.

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