Friday, June 25, 2010

More Demon Garage

Hopefully, you are not sick of me posting the Demon Garage logo development. I think some people like to see the progress and steps in developing artwork. This next phase of the project deals with the adding of type to the car icon. I wanted to combine a vintage/retro style with a contemporary font. The idea of using a gothic font kind of stuck with me from the beginning. Playing with the different values of backgrounds, fonts, and borders also help the readability. With a few of the logos, I incorporated the flame icon from the "DG" graphic. The client wants to have shirts, hats, patches and signage made with the logo. Once he picks a direction, I will work it up with color and then it should be ready for print.

I have been playing around with the new features in Adobe's CS5 upgrade. I must say that I am really impressed! The latest edition of Flash has a bunch of time saving features. Some of them were in CS4 but I was using 3. The new method of tweening is as simple as moving the image the frame and Flash remembers the move(s). Also it looks like animators/designers can do more ActionScripting without having to learn all of the coding involved. Then there is the bone tool which will make body movements more fluid and natural. Flash Catalyst really has me intrigued and I cannot wait to redo my site so I can try it out. You design you site in Illustrator and do a drag & drop in Catalyst to make it interactive. Amazing!!! Since I use Illustrator all of the time, there are some new tools which is going to save me a ton of time. I can report on them later.

I am going to try to do an update next week but leave for vacation later in the week and will give you a full report on the trip. Have a lovely week.

"He who pretends to be either painter or engraver without being a master of drawing is an imposter." William Blake

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Hello everyone,Sorry for not posting last week but too many things were going on and keeping busy with various projects. Plus I finally ended my battle with Adobe. That ate up a major part of my time. I received my refund so I reordered the appropriate upgrade and spent the weekend installing CS5 versions of my software. I must say the latest upgrade is really nice. Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc., have great and very time saving features. Flash Catalyst also has me very intrigued and I may try some things out with a new website for Smiling Otis. I also installed Snow Leopard which makes my system run much faster. So far, there is harmony in the studio.

The "Demon Garage" logo is coming along quite well. In the above image, you can see where I started adding the line work to the sketches. I keep the lines at 1 point or less so I can see the template (sketch) underneath. Plus it makes getting the curves to where I want them much easier. The flame on top of the "DG" was simplified so it would look a bit less cartoony. It fits into the top much better than on the sketch.

After I get the line work completed, I then go in and change the weights of the lines so I can a good balance of thicks and thins. You can see this step in the image. From there, I convert the lines to outlines and join the endpoints so I get my tapered line look. I use the handles and adjust the curves if necessary. Once the line work is where I want them, I them remove sections that overlap. CS5 will save a ton of time with how I work my lines. There are some other things I do but I don't want to spill the beans on everything or I will be out of work. LOL!
In this final image, you can see the line work in place and then some tone added. My next step will be add color which will probably be 3 or 4 PMS colors. But first, I need to work on the type treatments. I will show that in the next phase and post here.

Well, tomorrow is Friday and we are having a large shindig here at the house so I must spend some time tomorrow prepping for it. Have a lovely week and I will leave you with this quote:

"Drawing is the honesty of the art. There is no possibility of cheating. It is either good or bad." Salvadore Dali

Friday, June 4, 2010

Demons, Adobe, Oh My!

Keeping it short and sweet this week.

I thought I would share a logo that I am working on for a friend's business called "Demon Garage". He works on a lot of rat rods, hot rods, and vintage cars. Of course the logo must capture that "retro" look and feel. I wanted to give him three images that can be used with a typeface or used separately. I have some ideas for fonts but wanted to focus on the images for now. The image of the demon with a wrench in his mouth would work well for hats, shirts, and stickers. The "DG" gothic lettering can be used for the same promotional items as well as business cards. The demon in the car would be the main identifier for the business. The color pallet will be only 4 colors (black, red, yellow and orange) to keep the bold graphic look of the sketches. I really want to finish this logo in the next few weeks and post the end results.

Well it has been two and a half weeks of battling Adobe's refund management. This all started when one of their online tech people sold me the wrong upgrade. I have been on the phone and online numerous times trying to resolve the issue. The last person I spoke with said I had to fill out a form which is now going to add another 7-10 days before I get my refund. Then I must reorder the software again. Sorry to vent but this has been a tiring ordeal. Hopefully no one else has gone through this experience.

"Good drawing forms the 'bones' on which a strong painting hangs." Chris Bingle

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