Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Blink Of An Eye Studio Tour

This week I thought it might be interesting to post images of my work space. I enjoy looking at the work areas of other artist and see the equipment they use. My little work area is very small. It may be 10 x 8 but I like it on the cozy side. Compared to the space I had in Pennsylvania, this is a matchbox. My Pennsylvania studio was two 14 x 20 rooms with two work spaces. Now, I have everything nearby and very handy.

I do most of my drawing and sketching on the lightbox. It is from an old print shop which I bought years ago. With its size, I can keep folders, notes, and my sketchbooks at hand. I am trying to do more drawing in my sketchbooks so if they are nearby, I am more likely to use them. If I do a doodle on scrap paper that i like, I can take it up on the wall

For a bulk of my work, I draw on the Cintiq tablet by Wacom. It is an older model but still works great. I spent some time getting it dialed in to how on I draw digitally. It also has a Cintiq Partner pad so I do not have to drop what I am doing if I need to use the mouse. I use a Mac and Adobe products as well as Painter. Once I get a handle on Painter, I want to try my hand at Blender (3D).

A bulk of my books at right behind if I need them. I have a lot of different items on the shelves, ranging from reference items to other artist books to "how-to" books. My book over flow is stored in the basement until I make some additional room on the shelves.

Yes, I do play the banjo. The banjo on the right is my main instrument made by Bart Reiter. The other is a gourd banjo that is fretless and a hoot to noodle around on. If I get stuck or need a break, I pick one up and play for a few moments. It always helps and is very therapeutic. The rug on the floor was made by my friend Eric Weit at Studio Weit ( He weaves beautiful handmade rugs from recycled fabric. It is too nice to put on the floor. I like having the tv in my studio as background noise. I work alone so much that I need to hear human voices so I feel like there are other folks around. The doors behind the banjos go to my storage closet. This spring I want to paint the doors and use the to tack up ideas, notes, and sketches. Seems like a perfect spot to do that.

Well that is a quick tour of my little space. I do have an easel, taboret, flat files, and other artist supplies that I keep in our basement. I have thinking about moving into another room that is a bit larger so I can have everything in one spot. But for now, I will keep my little studio space as it is.

"A painting is never finished - it simply stops in interesting places." ~ Paul Gardner


Susan's Art said...

Your studio is nice and neat! Mine is very messy. I'm envious of your WACOM.
I have a small Bamboo tablet and a laptop.

Russ Cox said...

Hi Susan, I just cleaned my workspace so I thought it was a good time to take some photos. After looking at the photos, I realized I need some more images on the walls. The Cintiq is wonderful. I hope it holds out until next year when I plan to upgrade.

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