Monday, May 9, 2011

Conference Week

It has been a whirlwind week as I am getting ready for the NESCBWI conference that starts on the 13th. I had to finish up my book cover illustration for the poster contest. I will post the image next week along with notes from the conference. The print arrived today from Picture Salon and as always, they did a great job with it. Now I must mount it on foamcore and pack it up. I am not expecting to win anything but hope that someone likes it enough to want to chat about my work. My postcards were ordered and delivered so I will not go through the same mess that I had to deal with in New York. The other thing I need to do is update my portfolio. I have a couple of new pieces to add to it. The other thing I am doing portfolio wise is to add images to my iPad. There are several portfolio apps but after reading some reviews, I purchased Foliobook. It seemed to have gotten several recommendations from artist and photographers. The paper portfolio can be passed around but I wanted a backup in case something should happen to it or if I do not have it with me. My good friend Hazel Mitchell is riding down with me so the car ride in itself should be an experience and a hoot.

© 2011 McDonalds

© 2011 McDonalds

While prepping for the conference, I did several pieces for McDonald's FunTime booklets. I really enjoy not only illustrating the books but working with Ken at the agency who handles the account. He is so much fun and always like for the illustrator to add their own ideas to the artwork. The two above images are from the recent book. One is a spot about Greek actors playing both the male and female roles. The other is a coloring page on dinosaurs. A photo of Ronald will be placed into the illustration.

My children's story is coming along slowly. I have not looked at it in two weeks. During that time, it has been rolling around my head, working itself out. I think I finally have a something that may work and hold it together. The first draft was more a of a list and not having a common thread to hold it together. My writer friend, Laura, gave me some helpful feedback and made me rethink it a bit. I truly believe that she will get a publishing deal very soon. While writing at the library, a second story hit me so I switched gears and quickly wrote it so I could go back and review it at a later date.

Spring has finally arrived here in Maine. Winter really fought staying around for a few more weeks. It was enjoyable to get out this weekend and cut the grass for the first time this season. My wife and I had friends over for a cookout on Saturday. That was a blast and a half. I asked my wife what she wanted for Mother's Day and she said for us to clean out the garage. After breakfast (which I made for her), we spent all day cleaning and organizing. Today, we are both sore and realize that we are not spring chickens.

I met on Friday with a fine artist friend, Renate, regarding our upcoming July painting trip to Monhegan Island. It will consist of 16 artist who will spend a week on the island painting, drawing, and laughing the whole time. She filled me in on what I should pack and the best way to prep my art supplies before the trip. I am so looking forward just spending the week doing artwork for myself and plan on doing a lot of drawings and alla prima oil paintings. My portable easel just arrived so I will have something to use instead of my 30 year easel that will not stand up any more.

Songs/albums currently blaring from my speakers:
Elbow-Build A Rocket Boys!
The Decemberists-Hazards of Love
Matt Pond PA-Spring Fools EP
Soviet League-Soviet League
P.J. Harvey-Let England Shake

Until next time.
"The artist need not know very much; best of all let him work instinctively and paint as naturally as he breathes or walks." ~ Emil Nolde


Julie Garner said...

Love keeping up on all that you're doing, Russ! You're amazing! Have fun--well, you always do. :)

Russ Cox said...

Thanks Julie! When my story is written, you are on my preview list for feedback.

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