Saturday, June 18, 2011

A few steps forward and a tumble backwards

Hello everyone,

It has been a few weeks sine I have posted anything. I am in the middle of illustrating a children's book which has consumed most of my time. Plus I have an animation in the works as well. So it has been long days and some weekends. While this is going on, I have been contacted to possibly do two more books. One is a self published story that is quite charming and the other is with a small startup publisher. I read the story for the publisher and it sounds like a ton of fun! Both contacts really like my work so my fingers are crossed that at least one comes through, if not both. So things continue to move forward.

Now for the tumble backwards. On Thursday I was using the weed whacker around a bush when a rock was kicked up and hit me the eye. Only seconds before, I was thinking, "I should put on my sunglasses." Of course I did listen so I paid the price. I had to go to the eye doctor yesterday who told me I have a bruised cornea but was very lucky I did not loose an eye. I know one thing, I will always have some form of eye protection from here on in. Live and learn.

Last Saturday was spent with my figure drawing group. We hired a model, Michelle, for the day. She was outstanding! It was a great break from the past few weeks and just draw for myself. There were lots of excellent drawings so I may start a blog or website just for the group so we can post our progress. I was also thinking about a possible gallery show but need to research that a bit more. I was hoping to have something to share but the drawings are fairly large and will not fit onto my scanner.

This evening my wife and I are off to spend time with friends as they have their annual Sumer Solstice Bon Fire. It will be nice to get out of the house for a few hours. Of course I will have to wear sunglasses tonight due to my eyes being sensitive. I know that many of you have the Corey Hart song running through your heads right about now.

"Only when he no longer knows what he is doing does the painter do good things." ~ Edgar Degas

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