Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Doodle A Day

Since returning from the conference a month ago, I have done a doodle a day. These are just for me and there is no preconceived concept of idea before I sit down to sketch. It is a stream of consciousness approach just to see what appears on the pages. I have almost filled up a sketchbook since I begin doing this. A couple of illustrator friends, Hazel Mitchell and Gerald Kelley, have been doing this lately so it inspired me to get off my butt and give it a try. I must say that it has been really fun and I am starting to see a transformation in my style. The sketching has me wanting to loosen up quite a bit more, plus the feedback on the doodles is telling me to head into that direction and really develop that style.

On a different note, here are a few photos of my studio space. I like keeping my banjo and bass nearby to play when I am stuck or just taking a break. The papers on the wall are from my children's book that is in progress. Hope to finish up the dummy by the end of June so I can submit to agents and publishers for feedback.

Not much else to report at the moment. Keeping very busy with various projects. Working on my first app with a new developer so that will be begin in the next few weeks. Also so possible book projects could be coming in but no details just yet. Looking forward to Major Manners coming out next month with Outhouse Ink Publishing. It has been almost a year since we began work on the book. The designer did a great job with the layout.

Oh, I am giving away a signed print on my Facebook page. Just click here and "like" the page to enter. Once I hit 1,000 likes, I will randomly select the winner and mail the print to them. It is a 16x20 giclee archival print. Good luck!

Until next time, I will leave you with this quote:
“Art is never finished, only abandoned." ~ Leonardo da Vinci


melinda beavers said...

Really great sketches, Russ! Loving this stuff!

k.h.whitaker said...

love the sketches Russ and enjoyed your studio shots too

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