Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What A Week!

I know I am running a bit behind on my postings but I am doing a quick pre-thanksgiving post about last week. It all started with a trip to Northampton, Massachusetts to the R. Michelson Galleries for the 23rd Annual Children's Book Exhibit. There were many top-notch illustrators, authors, editors, etc., there for the event. Many of them are household names. I was literally "hanging" with Dr. Seuss since my Mother Goose piece was on display. It won three awards last spring and one of them was for it to be displayed at the gallery. What an honor! Everyone at the gallery was so wonderful and supportive. I did not feel too much like a little fish in a big pond. It helped that many of my friends showed up for the show. A big thank you to all of them.

The other exciting bit of news was that Major Manners Nite Nite Soldier (illustrated by me) was a finalist in the "Best New Children's Picture Book" category at the 10th Annual USA Best Book Awards. A gold sticker will now be placed on the cover. Everyone involved is over the top with joy. You should be able to find the book in your bookstore soon.

I am still busy with 3 other book projects which I cannot say too much about. In my down time (what is that?), there are many story ideas floating in and out of my head that I need to get down on paper so they can be developed. Maybe one will be completed for spring when I attend the NESCBWI conference.

That is a quick update so you know I am still around and kicking.

Happy thanksgiving!

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