Monday, January 12, 2015

Today ...

It is a bright shiny new year. Full of hope and future happiness, yet unblemished or worn to a nub. Many people have resolutions that they try to follow while others set goals. I am one of those goal oriented folks. I have the usual "write two new picture books plus a chapter book", "work more traditionally", "start developing a school visit song and dance", blah-blah-blah, just like many others in my field. I will not bore you with a long list of those goals but instead I want to talk about "today". I very rarely dwell on the past but do try to learn from it while focusing on the future. So I tend to forget about the now and today. So I will make a list of for today.

Today ...

... I will hum a tune.

... I will take a long shower and get dressed in real clothes. (Freelancers rarely shower or put on clean clothes every day. Pajamas, sweats, or even a robe are our clothes of choice.)

... I will cheer with the excitement when hearing great things that is happening to those that I know, want to know, or just think they are great, inspiring people.

... I will write something no matter what it is, good or bad.

... I will turn off the electronic world and pick up my banjo.

... I will open my sketchbook with pencil/pen in hand and let the lines explore the page.

... I will stay positive.

... I will appreciate the people in my life.

... I will smile, laugh, and be silly.

... I will stop what I am doing to look out the window for a few minutes.

... I will accept a compliment without shame.

... I will fight any self-deprecating thoughts.

... I will spend some time just for me.

... I will be not afraid of failure.

... I will love my family even more than I did yesterday.

And finally,

... I will be happy.

Today is the greatest
Day I've ever known
Can't live for tomorrow
Tomorrow's much too long
~Smashing Pumpkins

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